What To Do When the Pressure Is On

20:38 26 May in Articles, Stress

Every lawyer has had it happen. You think of the perfect follow-up question after the deposition ends, or you devise the pithy answer to the judge’s question after the hearing. Often, we perform well below our best in high-stakes situations, despite hours of dedicated preparation. Here is what’s going on in your brain and what you can do to perform closer to your potential, even when the pressure is on. Read more here....

Remember to Breathe

04:29 09 March in Articles, Mindfulness, Stress

The ABA Section of Litigation for Small Firms and Solos recently featured Christy Cassisa's article on mindfulness for lawyers. The article explains the hazards of using our "lizard brain" (the primitive brain that springs into action when we are stressed) and how we can learn to function more sustainably through mindfulness. Read Christy's complete article here....

Is Your Desk Stressing You Out?

04:14 17 February in Articles, Stress, Uncategorized

Do you ever walk into your office, only to feel a strong urge to turn around? Perhaps the piles of paper and sticky notes plastered to your monitor are more distressing than helpful. The good news is that there is a lot you can do to make your desk a calmer, more productive place. Check out my recent article about how to restore calm and focus to your desk: Restore Order to Your Desk...

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How to Love Doing Your Timesheets

21:11 06 January in Articles, Stress

Lawyers often view completing timesheets as a necessary evil. But it turns out that our timesheets may provide us with a roadmap to being happier lawyers. Timesheets are even similar to exercises that psychologists and other experts use to increase happiness. Read the full article at The Lawyerist....

Tips for Introverted Litigators

06:21 25 November in Articles, Careers, Uncategorized

I hear from a lot of people who feel like their jobs don't fit their personalities very well. Sometimes that's the case, and they need to find new jobs. Other times, the trick is understanding the strengths of a particular temperament. I am pleased to have had the opportunity to share my thoughts on how introverts can use their strengths to excel at litigation. This is a match--litigation and introversion--that I've thought long and hard about. The two are not as incompatible as one might think. Here is my take on how an introvert can work with his or her...

Why Entering Your Time is So Dreadful

16:33 30 October in Articles, Blog, Stress, Technology

Entering time is a task most lawyers despise. We put it off until the last minute, preferring to do almost anything else. I explore in detail why entering time is so stressful in my guest post for Viewabill, a fascinating new product that is improving relationships between lawyers and their clients. Viewabill allows clients and attorneys to see bills in real-time, before the invoice, so everyone can address problems before they spiral out of control. Check out my guest post here: Why Lawyers Dread Entering Their Time....